Different Style For Displaying Liquorshelves For Your Home And Business Bar

Displaying liquor bottles in style in your bar is an art. Whether it is at your home or in a pub for your business, the way the liquor is displayed plays a major role in your home decor or attracting customers. Liquor collection is certainly worth flaunting if it’s your home and if it’s your bar then it is necessary to flaunt it as it will act as marketing strategy as it will certainly make the people want to visit your bar due to its decor and ambiance. All you need is a little thought and time and you can decorate your shelf by displaying the liquor in great style.

wall Mount Liquor Display

If you want to display liquor at home -:

  • Firstly you need a shelf you plan to use for displaying your liquor attached to the wall in a way that looks elegant and it should sit in a straight position so that the bottles do not slide.
  • Now sort the bottles according to the visual appeal they have so that it is easier to arrange them as per that. You can have attractive crystal decanters and fluorescent bottle colours made with frosted glass which look very attractive in dim lighting.
  • Make different clusters of bottles in attractive combinations which will look eye catching and classy. Place the unattractive bottles at the back or in a cabinet.

If you want to display liquor in a business -:

  • Displaying all the bottles in different clusters according to their variety is a great idea as it will make it easier for your customers to choose the liquor they want to have in their Restaurant Bar.
  • The expensive bottles should be displayed in a more prominent position to attract attention. Place them on the top shelf so that they catch the eye of the customers easily.
  • You can add fluorescent lighting under the shelves to add a magical effect to the shelf and it will make the liquor in the bottles look very attractive.
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How to Select Decorative Liquor Cabinet for Your Home

Having a liquor cabinet can add beauty to your home decor and a storage space for your exquisite liquor collection. All you need is a little time and imagination and decide the space that you want to convert in the cabinetry. With adequate lighting, styling and decorating, your liquor cabinet will not only grab eyeballs but also flaunt you liquor in style. The mini bar that up set up in your home should look cozy and comfy and inviting to your guests.

LED Liquor Shelves Display

Liquor cabinets serve as storage for liquor, beer, wine and other alcoholic drinks and can also stock up other additional items like the ice box or byte plates that you need to make your party or gathering a success. They may have built-in wine racks, bottle shelves, stemware hangers and drawers for drinking accessories like paper umbrellas and accessories and can even hold up other cutlery. These liquor cabinets come with doors and complete locking mechanism. This is to ensure wine and spirits are safe and clean and out of children’s reach.

On selecting the liquor cabinet display colors and making a good combination to give its final fabulous look, it needs heavy brainstorming. So you need to measure the space or area you have saved for your bar and then choose the cabinet with the same size or smaller than the area. Then you need to select the style of your cabinet display. You can go for a modern or a classic, bulky or sleek, plain or carved cabinetry. You need to make sure it matches the theme of your room and goes with the other furniture and accessories you have in your room.

These days, you can find a wide selection of liquor cabinets from various online sites. You can browse and look for the one that suits your taste, style and home decor and theme. Manufacturers of wine and spirits cabinets often provide customized services according to your requirements.

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Building A Liquor Display Shelves For Your Home And Restaurant Bar

A liquor display shelf is a great idea to decorate your hall or study and flaunt your wine or liquor collection in style to your guests. It not only looks classy, but works very well for your home if you have a party or a get together. It will give your guests a chance to have a good look at all the liquor at display and admire your collection. Liquor shelf will substitute for a beautiful piece of architecture and will hold your liquor in style. It comes in different sizes and styles and you can pick a one best suiting your furniture and home decor.

Liquor Shelves Display

To build yourself liquor shelves follow these steps.

  • Using a thin layer of wood glue, attach the skinny wooden strips round the border of the top shelf wood. If your railing is heavier, mount it on the shelf by drilling the holes first and fasten it with screws.
  • Marking the place of every stud, make sure you have calculated the thickness correctly. Liquor bottles are at times heavy; hence it is important for the shelf to hold them properly.
  • Make sure the shelving brackets are properly distanced by measuring the distance between one stud and another.
  • Measuring the distance between the brackets, pre-drill the holes for them as a slant in the shelf can’t hold the bottles. Now attach the brackets one by one in the pre drilled hole.
  • The shelf should be straight and leveled to prevent the bottles slipping and sliding from one side of the shelf so mark the wall before you go ahead with installing the shelf.
  • Drilling holes in the wall after marking the position of the bracket screws, attach the shelf on the wall with screws.

Put the taller bottles at the back and the shorter ones in the front. Add the bottles one by one and ensure you don’t cross the load limit of your shelf.

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Make Your LED Bottle Display Platform With Colorful LED Bar Lights

The liquid in a bottle placed on an attractive bar should me visually desirable and should invoke the temptation to savor the drink.  It should make it possible for your buyers to see what makes you have readily available. Moreover, the bar should give the bartender simple accessibility to the liquor they need to have at any given instant. The style and decor play an important role in sustaining customers and also getting new ones. You need to have the maximum to the display where the customer can easily look and opt for the one he chooses and also not make it look cluttered. The display should be attractive to garner interest.

LED Liquor Bottle Displays

Functional Bar Display Style

It is not practical to set up customized-manufactured shelves to display off your liquor collection, as obviously you have a big one if you happen to have a bar, so you can go with an additional functional LED liquor display. You should have the shelves in such a place, so the prospects can see it, hence will be equipped to very easily select their brand name and the bartenders will also be capable to swiftly serve it. You ought to put the most costly liquor in the back again of the exhibit. These are the brand names that are ordered additional infrequently, so your bartender will not have to reach for them as generally, and they can be placed in a suitable manner. This will surely make the bar run much more successfully as the bartender has best accessibility to the bottles required the most.

Visible Liquor Shelves Display Style

The bar shelf showcasing the best liquor should be displayed in the best possible manner so as to attract the most eyeballs. This arrives from the olden practice of exhibiting the superior alcohol collection on the leading shelf of the liquor show. This strategy is still very typical, and can be really effective for bars that select a strictly aesthetic technique to their liquor shelf and will still be effective to attract more customers. Some bars set up custom built LED light liquor bottle display, having complete control over what they look like, and exhibit empty liquor bottles. Make certain you have sufficient area in your below bar for a speed rail that can accommodate your whole liquor variety, if you choose a custom made bar.

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Custom Liquor Bar Display, Liquor Bottle Shelf

Whether you have a home bar, commercial bar, restaurant or a patio having a custom bar shelf to display your liquor in style is a great idea. Armana Productions have produced LED illuminated solutions since 2004 and is a leading LED developer or LED solutions provider for your bar. Their flagship product, the LED Liquor Shelf, is the thinnest on the market. Complete with UL listed power supply and wireless remote control, this unique LED illuminated platform, is a great way to light up the area in a jiffy!

custom liquor bar display

Armana products are made with 100% acrylic materials. Armana LED shelves and bottle tiers and displays are manufactured in the United States, in Chicago, IL. The products include LED Bottle Shelves, Bottle Tiers that include 2 Tier, 3 Tier and 4 Tier models, as well as LED bottle tier island units. They have served thousands of customers, including Trump International Tower & Hotel, Hooters, Holiday Inn, Apple Store, even a Church. There is a complete set of product sizes to fit your needs, and you can choose the one best suiting your requirements.

Armana products come with a power supply, fully customizable wireless remote and instructions. If you want to get a customized bar stand or other bar equipment, they will build large scale, custom projects for your home or restaurant. So go ahead and browse through the varied collection at Armana, and impress your guests with the beautiful and catchy fluorescent bar lights and exquisite bar shelves.

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