U.S. Made Portable Student and Desk Sneeze Guard Barriers

Armana produces a number of different portable desk sneeze guards for schools, colleges, and universities. All of our products are portable and can be assembled or disassembled in seconds. No tools required. All of our products can be stored flat which takes up minimal space. We proudly make all of our products here in the US in Chicago.

Our school desk sneeze guard line is intended to protect both students and teachers. Our 3/16” clear cast acrylic provides optimal clarity and stability. We round the edges of all our products as well as flame polish the edges to eliminate scratches and cuts that can come from rough acrylic edges.

Our school desktop sneeze guards are made for round, square, and rectangular tables. We have standard sizes available, but if you are in need of 20 or more units, we can customize the size down to 1/16”. All school products are suitable for classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, tutoring sessions, etc..

  • Student Desk Shields - School Desktop Sneeze Guards - Clear Plastic Sneeze Guard Shields can be placed on student and teacher desktops to help stop airborne droplets expelled by talking, sneezing, and coughing.
  • Supplied to Professional Plastics design specifications or produced to customer specifications.
  • School Desk Guards are suitable for K-12, including elementary schools and high schools
  • Suitable for Primary, Secondary and High Schools, as well as, Colleges & Universities.
  • Clear Desktop Sneeze Guards provide line of site and visual connection between teacher and student, while protecting both.
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