Armana Shelving Options & Ideas

Armana Shelving Options & Ideas

Apr 16th 2024

To better serve our customers, Armana Productions offers a variety of ideas/options involving our LED Bottle Shelves. Throughout our 20 year existence as a company, it is our customers that have provided us with creative ways of utilizing our shelves in all different mediums. And we'd like to share some of these with you.

1. Armana Standard Brackets - We would be remiss not to begin with our shelves using our standard acrylic brackets. Choosing our Wall Mount Kit option provides our customers with a bracket per foot of shelf along with the screws and anchors for mounting purposes. One note is our recommendation that a bracket is placed no less than 14"-16' from the next.

2. Recessed Shelves - In collaboration with many of our Millwork companies, the act of recessing our shelves into pre-made wood shelving has become a popular approach over the years. This allows for the overall look to be of a wood structure yet still having the ability for the up-lighting effect that our shelves provide. With that being said, our ability to customize our shelves to the 1/8" is very valuable towards this approach.

3. Metal Support System - Being that Armana LED Bottle Shelves are 100% acrylic, our shelves typically require more support than simply on each end. To bypass this, our customers frequently use metal support in the form of a thin metal piece in which our shelves are able to lie on top and be fully supported. With the main support coming from inside the wall, this allows our shelves to encompass the floating effect that many of our customers prefer.

4. Existing Shelving - Last but not least, many of our customers have already existing shelving in place. This allows our LED Shelves to simply lie on top of said shelves with no extra work involved. But for those who do not have shelving in place but would like this as an option, we do have companies that we work with that specialize in this. We are able to customize these shelves as well to accommodate your Armana LED Bottle Shelves and whatever sizes you choose.

Please note that these are just a few of the options we have seen over the years from our customers. Understanding the creativity that so many of our customers have with their commercial or residential projects, we are always excited to see the finished projects that incorporate our LED Bottle Shelves. And please know that our team is here to brainstorm ideas with you to make your ultimate vision come true