International Customers

We ship to customers all across the world.  And although shipping overseas can be very expensive, we do whatever we can to allow people all over the world to enjoy Armana's beautiful LED displays.

1. U.S Postal Service Vs. UPS - If we are able, we will ship via the U.S. Postal Service due to their low shipping costs.  But each country has its own maximum length requirements in order to ship. For example, our customers in Australia can utilize the U.S. Postal Service for orders 42" or less.  If the length of your order exceeds your countries max requirement, we will ship via UPS for standard size orders or one of our many freight companies for large size orders that require a pallet.

2. Duties, Taxes, Brokerage Fees, etc. - Each country has its own requirements to pay certain fees upon delivery.  Although we aim to be, we are not experts with each and every country. If shipping via the US Postal Service, you may be required to pay additional fees upon delivery.  If shipping via UPS, we generally include these fees in the overall invoice for payment. We will do what we can to help you understand what additional fees you may need to pay.

3. Payment Options - Due to those fees as described in #2, please contact us via for all shipping estimates.  We will contact our carriers for shipping quotes and then send you an invoice that you can pay online via CC or Paypal.  We also accept wire/bank transfers.

4. In addition to our standard U.S. 2 prong power cords, we also carry U.K. 3 prong plugs and EU 2 pin plugs. Our U.S power supplies are UL Listed and our U.K. and EU power supplies are CE certified. All of our power input is 100-240V

5. Last but not least, you can often find our standard size products in Amazon fulfillment centers across the world.  This will enable you to purchase our product and receive it within days of your purchase. Please look below for links to your country.