Sync Your Favorite Music to Our LED Bar Shelves with WiFi

Sync Your Favorite Music to Our LED Bar Shelves with WiFi

Jan 28th 2020

Most people have heard the expression 'Presentation is Everything', and this is especially true for bars and clubs which are attempting to portray their top-shelf consumables in the absolute best light possible. Our LED Bar Shelves and Tiers bring out the very best in your bar’s liquor selection, all of which are meant to mesmerize your patrons.

Exciting New Feature

One of the most exciting options we offer for the really forward-thinking bar is to synchronize our LED Bar Shelves and Tiers to your house music! This will really influence your clientele and intensify the party atmosphere of your bar or club. You'll have new people coming in after hearing through word-of-mouth that your bar has this terrific new feature.

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas has undoubtedly seen the music synced up with lighting displays and water displays which some of the best hotels have setup. Now your local bar can be on par with these high level establishments at a price you can afford.

When placing an online order for one of our products just be sure to include the WiFi controller option. All you need to do is connect the WiFi controller and install the Magic Home Pro app on your Android or Apple devices and you are ready for light and sound synchronization!

Unique, High Quality Lighting Solutions

We use 18 high density LEDs per foot so you get the brightest displays. These low-heat LED bulbs are rated at 50,000 hours, making them an energy-efficient way to light your establishment. All of our products are manufactured with liquid resistant 100% acrylic, which will not absorb any spilled liquids and will maintain their appearance for literally years into the future.

All of our products include their own power supply and wireless remote control, so you can easily control the lighting and effects to match your desired atmosphere. You can even save multiple color sets so you can instantly change the look with the touch of a button.

In addition to our LED Bar Shelves, we also offer 1, 2, 3 and 4 step LED Bar Tier Displays which can accommodate a number of your featured liquors. They are also available in corner or island configurations. Need a custom configuration? No problem, contact us about your project and we can custom build a solution for you.

We also provide LED Under Bar Lighting, which gives the whole bar area an air of mystique and extra appeal. Our unique lighting products will set your establishment apart from the competition and create a buzz that will attract new customers and keep people coming back.

Many well known businesses have placed their trust in Armana Productions to illuminate their brand. You can find our products at numerous bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels. Or take your home bar to the next level with our LED bar lighting solutions. All our products are manufactured in the USA at our Chicago headquarters. Shop now or contact us today.