WiFi Controller

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Made in the USA

Supercharge your LED displays from Armana Productions by adding a smart phone controlled WiFi controller. Amaze your family and guests with LEDs that dance to your music. Purchase multiple displays and control all of them together with your app, for full effect.

Use the Magic Home Pro app to choose from 16 million colors and even match the color you want by taking a picture of any item and have the app match your LED colors exactly. Need a particular purple for your college brand, no problem, just take a picture of your school or favorite sports team color and the app will do the rest.

And, if you want to really impress, simply call out to Alexa and activate your Armana LED Displays by voice. Lastly, if you ever simply want to go old school, the included remote will let you control your Armana products using a traditional wireless remote.


  • Magic Home Pro App Available for both Android and iOS
  • Voice Control using Alexa
  • 16 Million available colors
  • Timer
  • Sound Activation
  • Group Control (control multiple LED displays with one app)
  • 24 Key Remote Control
  • LED Music Syncing
  • Dimming
  • Color Capture (Map the LEDs to any color via photo)
  • Green Technology

WiFi Controller Features