Custom LED Liquor Bottle Display Shelves

Made in the USA

Let Armana Productions create custom led bar shelves for your liquor bottle displays today.

Our Acrylic shelves are the thinnest on the market at only .75" thick. All of our liquor shelves can be added to any existing structure, such as an existing bottle riser or countertop, or the illuminated display can mounted to the wall with our optional wall brackets and hardware.

Our custom LED liquor shelves can be sized per your specification down to the 1/8". We're happy to supply you with a shop drawing to make sure you have the exact sizing you need. Daisy chain shelves together up to 16' and you'll only need on power source and WiFi or Remote Control.

We never charge extra for any customization so rest assured you're getting the same per inch cost as any of our standard sized LED liquor shelves.

Each shelf comes ready to be plugged in an turned on, no assembly required. Choose the WiFi controller and choose from unlimited colors from your smart phone.

All custom led bottle displays come with a 2 year warranty and expert support from our manufacturing facility in Chicago. Our LED bottle shelves and bottle displays are and always will be made in the USA.