LED Liquor Bottle Display Shelves

All Standard Sized Units Ship within 10 Business Days

Made in the USA

Armana LED illuminated liquor bottle displays are the perfect addition to any home or commercial bar or restaurant.


Our lighted bottle displays are made with acrylic and manufactured right here in the US. Each LED bottle display is plug & play and comes with a UL Listed power supply. Just unpack and plug in.


Each of our shelves come with a 2 year warrant and a 44 key remote and/or WiFi controller that you operate with your smart phone. User either controller to create unlimited colors and multiple effects.


Since 2004 Armana has been producing high quality liquor shelves and led bottle displays for the home and commercial markets.


Choose from a single wide LED liquor shelf or a double wide bottle display to display one or two rows of bottles. With LED illumination coming from high powered 3 chip LEDs at 18 LED chips per foot, your liquor bottles will turn into illuminated works of art.


Each Armana LED liquor display shelf can either be placed on any existing surface or purchased with wall mount brackets and hardware to turn them into wall mounted LED liquor bottle display shelves.