Welcome To Liquor Shelves

Since 2004, Armana Productions has been producing LED illuminated solutions for the home bar market, commercial bar markets, restaurants, and restaurant chains. Our flagship product, the LED Liquor Shelf, is the thinnest on the market. Complete with UL listed power supply and wireless remote control, this unique LED illuminated platform, can also be wall mounted. Armana products are made with 100% acrylic materials. We never cut corners using wood or MDF materials that are not suited for an environment where liquid is prevalent. Armana LED shelves and bottle tiers and displays are manufactured in the United States, in Chicago, IL. We proudly offer a complete line of LED illuminated products including LED Bottle Shelves, Bottle Tiers that include 2 Tier, 3 Tier and 4 Tier models, as well as LED bottle tier island units. Our products us UL listed power supplies and come with a full two year warranty. We have served thousands of customers, including Trump International Tower & Hotel, Hooters, Holiday Inn, Apple Store, even a Church. We have a complete set of product sizes to fit your needs, but are happy to provide custom work when needed.